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  • Automation for b2b and b2c
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Next level for your online store

uniSiter is a platform which helps you to launch online store in a few days.

Hundreds of web stores use our platform sell millions of goods per day. Usually it takes from 2 days to 2 weeks to launch full functionality.

You don't need to spend a lot of money and months of time developing an online store, spend time on integrating services and set up email campaigns for customers. uniSiter has already done everything for you.

Fast, easy to manage
and functional web store

uniSiter web store samples

uniSiter has everyting you need to start online store: products filters and sorting, a shopping cart, a personal account with authorization,no orders without registration, payment and delivery services. Convenient modern design and responsiveness for mobile devices. Designed without unnecessary distracting elements to focus on the goods. Just fill out the catalog, we'll do the rest.

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uniSiter web store samples
SMM sample

Marketing & SEO

SMM sample

Set up SEO optimization, launch content-marketing, retargeting in social networks (Instagram, Facebook), and triggered email letters. You no longer need to look for specialists to set up each service. uniSiter will take care of attracting customers.


uniSiter analytics

Using Google Analytics you will see information about each buyer: city, source of transition to the site, number of orders, revenue, etc. It will help you track effective advertising channels and focus on them. Effectively manage clients and process orders through CRM systems.

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uniSiter triggered e-mail

Simple e-commerce management

uniSiter triggered e-mail

We will link the site with your accounting system so that you can manage the online catalog from it without entering the site. If you don't use any accounting system, we'll link the site to your supplier's catalogs or a simple Excel file or Google Sheets App. Do not waste time maintaining the site, do what you are good at.

Full automation for b2b clients

Automation for b2b at uniSiter

Increase the convenience of working with regular b2b partners, dealers and wholesale buyers. Show different prices for retail and wholesale, upload different prices to "subsites" in different cities, and countries in Africa. Give them the possibility to repeat orders, as well as displaying a site with your own price level and discounts for registered customers. If it is convenient for your customers to place orders in Excel price lists, the platform will generate them automatically, eliminating the human factor and significantly speeding up your processes.

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Automation for b2b at uniSiter
uniSiter client manager

Fast technical support

uniSiter client manager

Each of our clients is assigned one person — a personal manager. He teaches how to use the platform, advises improvements, answers questions, and also sets tasks for technical support, marketers and developers. You can contact the manager by phone, mail and through any messenger. The manager will answer in a couple of minutes, no long waiting for technical support answers. You will never be left alone with the platform, you will always be helped.

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Get demo for free. We design you web store in 1 day

A fully working version of the site, including integration, will be launched within one week.

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Additional opportunities through integrations

Before launching the store, we can develop additional functionality or integrate the store with a specific service that is not on our list. The cost of such work is agreed separately.

  • Currently, Google Analytics is a platform within Google Marketing Platform tha tracks and reports website traffic.

  • You can automatically tweet about new products and discounts

  • You can capture your visitor's attention with this floating call-to-action button, and with the WhatsApp chat feature on your website, you can interact directly with your customers.

  • With several clicks, you can add products to your Facebook store. The details of products, their images, and their inventory are automatically synced.

  • Sync your store with Instagram Shopping

  • Add and update information about your products with Google Sheets

  • Bring all the contact channels to one location: live chat, social media, messengers, and phone calls. Engage with clients using their preferred channel

  • Get notified of new orders straight to your Telegram messenger

Design Options

You can choose any colour scheme, add your logo, contacts and products, and draw banners.


R 899/mo Free demo


What are you paying for?

Store development is free, you can only pay for support and promotion. The license price includes all platform features, including adaptive layout, trigger emails, integration with services of your choice and other systems, regular updates and reports.

We issue an invoice only after the approval of the demo version. If something does not suit you, we will refund the money within 2 weeks.

Payment beyond subscription

Only Clicks/impressions in advertising campaigns are also paid extra.

Customer reviews

  • Dinah

    Dinah Mohale

    South Africa

    The services I received was satisfactory. Working with the uniSiter team was a great experience.

    I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a custom website to give them a call and speak to Takesure. He will provide you with the best advice and even help you with ways to promote your website based on his knowledge and determination.

    My website looks great and functions really well thanks to their knowledge and determination.

  • Mike Krasnov

    Mike Krasnov


    Previously we used aggregators like jiji, but there were no flexibility. We tried to deploy on the Big Commerce, but there was no sensible Google Sheets integration.

    The new store fit perfectly into our funnel. You can deviate from the template and get a unique features. For example, “price by request”.

    We have a rather large project — 16,000 items. Previously we tried to integrate it for 3 months, uniSiter implemented it in 1 week.

  • Emmanuel Unigwe

    Emmanuel Unigwe


    It's great that you can add any custom solution your business needs to the platform. For example, the administrator of our site uploads products from the price list, and the buyer uploads the catalog to his excel. True, sometimes the preparation of such decisions has to wait.

    I also like the number of integrations more: payment, delivery, some convenient services for the buyer.

  • Rudransh Khatri

    Rudransh Khatri

    South Africa

    We work with the company remotely - we are in another city, but it does not interfere with business.

    Our site is now working without problems. As soon as we switched to uniSiter, it became convenient to resolve issues on the site, for which many thanks to our personal manager! We hope to cooperate for many years.

    Today, I believe that uniSiter is a reliable service provider, a partner with whom you can make a good online store and solve many issues related to online commerce.

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For most clients, a demo site is almost like a final store. We will launch a full-fledged store in 1 day before your payment.

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Design the best e-commerce platform since 2015

In 2009 we started working as a web studio. Best of all, we were given the development of online store, and most of the clients came for this. A few years later, we realized that we were doing similar projects, which even grew according to the same scenario. Then the idea was born to make a single platform and develop everyone together. In parallel with the main projects, they began to work on the platform.

For all the time we have done many interesting projects: we launched an aggregator of auto parts with 100 million items, automated the marketing of the Rubber Shoes Plant. However, in 2018, we stopped developing to order and focused entirely on the platform.

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uniSiter team

Our team

uniSiter team

At the beginning of the journey there were three of us, and now we have a full-fledged team of 21 people: co-founders, technical director, salespeople, account managers and tech support specialists.

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