Functionality of the online store platform

briefly about our platform


The development of an online store is not an easy process that requires attention at every stage of its creation. We do our best to remove all complex issues from our customers and at the same time make the online store very convenient and functional.


Main page of the online store:

The main page of almost any store should:

  • in the first 3 seconds, make it clear what the online store does;
  • cause a desire to stay on the site, i.e. to interest a potential buyer;
  • a related items or you might also like section. It’s useful for the users and can possibly increase your sales. 
  • search bar to help users quickly find what they need on your site (bots)
  • encourage buying.


To solve these problems, the following features are implemented on the platform:

  • logo and slogan placement;
  • demonstration of any number of bright banners;
  • demonstration of the main categories of the catalog and top positions (bestsellers);
  • placement of the main advantages of the online store.


One of the main points that you should pay attention to when developing the main page of an online store is the easiest navigation path to purchase. Therefore, some of the products (top products, sale items and new products) should be displayed directly on the main page so that the user can immediately see what exactly he can buy.


Product catalog (the buyer can easily select the desired product):

  • unlimited nesting (any directory structure);
  • two types of product list: tiles or in one column (you yourself set the display method that is convenient for your customers);
  • custom filters for each category (your customers will find the right product easier);
  • hidden categories (you can temporarily remove part of the off-season product);
  • intelligent catalog search (modern technologies will process any complex request);
  • custom sorting methods (you can set sorting methods by any product attributes: name, price, article, stock balance, etc.);
  • marketing tags (promote individual products under the headings "product of the day", "bestseller", "new", etc.).


Product cards (you can easily add any description):

  • photos, description, video and 3D (you can describe the product in any way);
  • powerful and lightweight editor (everyone can manage the content of the site);
  • automatic selection of similar products (no need to specify manually, we have already done everything for you);
  • discounts with automatic recalculation of the old price (set only the sale price);
  • goods of the same type (on one card you can conveniently present dozens of goods that differ in size, color, etc.);
  • related products (you can indicate which products you should pay attention to).


Orders, payment and delivery (it is enough to set up once):

  • register users automatically (if you do not need to fill out long forms, the probability of ordering is higher);
  • accept payments online (Checkout will allow your buyer to pay for orders using visa and mastercard cards immediately after registration);
  • order statuses (inform customers about the status of the order directly on the site - through the personal account);
  • personal account and order history (personal account will help you collect up-to-date contact details of the buyer, and order history will increase the likelihood of a repeat purchase).


Trigger emails:

  • about a forgotten cart (increase conversion);
  • with gratitude for the order and a request to evaluate the store (increase customer loyalty and store image);
  • to reactivate users (return customers who have forgotten about you).


Search engine optimization turnkey:

  • human-readable url (you can already understand the contents of the page at its address);
  • automatic filling of the main tags (the platform does most of the work automatically);
  • micro-markup (we purposefully show search robots basic data about products);
  • secure connection (browsers show your site as "Secure";
  • automatic improvement of search snippets in several search engines.


Lots of small functionality

We are often asked to list all the functionality of the uniSiter platform. The difficulty is that there are a lot of small features and it is perhaps impossible to describe them. But we tried in a separate section of the site.