Full automation for b2b clients

Hundreds of online stores have been launched on the uniSiter platform. The greatest interest in the platform is shown by companies operating in the b2b sector. In this section, we have compiled the main advantages that the platform provides to such companies.


Basic processes are automated

For the b2b sector that collects applications online, the key need is to integrate the site with your accounting system at least for syncing prices and balances for all warehouses. It is not possible to manage pricing from the site management system (or from Excel) in this sector. The platform supports flexible pricing and synchronization with your system: different prices and availability for different regions can be uploaded from the system, and balances at each warehouse or total balances can be indicated (including taking into account reservations).

In addition, corporate clients rarely order a single item. There are almost always dozens of items in the order. Accordingly, it is necessary to reverse sync the site in terms of loading orders in your system, in order to eliminate the human factor.


The site adapts to the partner

It is very convenient if after logging in on the site, your partner sees their purchase prices, as well as their order history. The platform supports the use of dealer prices or dealer discounts depending on the customer's status and product characteristics. The entire order history is saved in the partner's merchant profile.


Powerful analytics

All online stores on the uniSiter platform are integrated with the Yandex.Metrica and Google Search Console analytics systems. Along with enabling the e-commerce section in Yandex. According to Yandex. Metrica, this allows you to collect a huge amount of information about your customers: what advertising channel they came from, what city they came from, how many orders they placed and for what amount, and much more. This makes it easy to track, for example, effective customer acquisition channels, immediately focusing on revenue from these channels.


The desired segment is drawn from the search

When searching for an online store, the main tags use the keywords "wholesale" or "from the manufacturer" to attract the right audience from Yandex and Google. As the price (before logging in to the site), you can specify the "recommended retail price", so that potential partners have an understanding that a different price will apply for them.


Promotion in the regions

For search promotion of an online store in regions, you can create a copy of the site on a subdomain with an indication of its price for a specific region. You can also specify individual terms of cooperation (including terms and delivery costs) for each individual region.


Different ways to place orders

As in any online store, orders on the uniSiter platform can be accepted online, through the shopping cart. If your partner is used to making an order in the Excel price list, you need to give them this opportunity. On the platform, you can set up auto-generation of price lists in Excel, which you can send to customers, as well as set up automatic order loading from the price list filled out by the partner to the site and then to your system.


Focus on products

If you work in the b2b sector, then you don't need to display huge banners on the main page. Your website, unlike an online retail store, is focused on frequent purchases and should be utilitarian, not emotional. Some of the templates of the uniSiter platform are made in this utilitarian style. Choose them.


Control of the order process

The platform sets up trigger notifications for your managers, which will be triggered if the partner is taking much time (more than 4 hours) trying to place an order. Your task is to help such a partner before they leave.


We encourage sales of our partners

We recommend that you share marketing materials that will help your partners sell your product more. This is what is called a must-have for manufacturers: if the range of your partners is not limited exclusively to your products, this is especially important, as it will allow you to highlight your products. Prepare booklets describing the brand and main products, videos, instructions, corporate identity for stand design, etc. The simplest solution is to collect all the materials in electronic form and share them on one of the cloud services (Google Drive), and to bring information to each partner, on the uniSiter platform, you can add a button to download materials in emails with orders and duplicate the link in the menu on the site.


Introduce your partners on the site. Each partner dealer must be presented on the site at least in the form of a name and contact details, as well as with a mandatory link to the partner's site. This will increase support for your partners' sites (a direct link from your site to the partner's site is important for their search engine optimization).


Prepared automation of processes for the partners themselves

It will be easy and pleasant for your partners to sell exactly your products. For our part, we make every effort to achieve automation by enabling your wholesale partners to automatically update their information (in trading systems, websites, and social networks). The platform is configured to automatically export the entire catalog to Excel, CSV, and XML files (XML feed for Google Shopping is an industry standard).