Online store analytics

on the uniSite platform


The uniSiter platform allows you to attract potential customers from various channels: targeted advertising, contextual advertising, SEO, e-mail marketing, marketplaces, social networks etc. Getting traffic is good! But you need to understand its qualities and cost in order to determine which of the channels are the most effective for you and turn off those that simply burn the budget.

All online stores are already integrated with Google Analytics and Google Search Console. You can always set up integration with the desired service/counter through the "Settings" - "Integration" section.

In addition to attracting visitors, you need to track the conversion (the share of visitors who placed an order) and analyze at what stage of interaction with the site (search for a product, going to the basket, placing an order), a potential client “fell off”. This is helped by setting goals in Google Analytics. After setting the goals, you can fine-tune the goal funnel.

A connected and configured analytics system will help you clearly understand which advertising channels the budget is spent on, which of them are effective and which are not. In accordance with this, you can redistribute costs and optimize advertising campaigns.